Copyright and file Integrity

A Trustworthy Distributed Platform for Copyright Registration and File Integrity Verification. On top of Ethereum.

What is Engraved?

Engraved is blockchain technology built on top of Ethereum with two main goals. First, provide a permanent, secure and cheap mechanism to establish indelible records which relate original works with their copyright holders. This relation is built through customizable copyright licenses on a certain moment in time. The original work is not stored on the blockchain but a cryptographic digest of it, allowing the copyright holder to keep its work in secret if desired. Second, Engraved also constitutes a system for file integrity verification, where file distributors can register files with their checksums under a custom namespace if desired. In all Investment platforms, there are benefits and risks as well. Ignore the dangers that occurs in Bitcoin Investment and be care-free about the risks. Visit for understanding the benefits of Blockchain exchange and the fluctuations in Bitcoins.


Copyright Registry

Engraved offers a trustworthy registry for copyright protection. You can reserve all your rights or free some of them under custom copyright licenses such as Creative Commons.

Integrity Registry

Engraved is a platform for file integrity registration and verification. Authors can create namespaces that will be associated with their Ethereum address.

Web dashboard

All the functionality of the Engraved platform will be we accesible through a web dashboard. Investors who would like to trade Bitcoins along with Ethereum can make use of bitcoin robots like the news spy to make the task effortless. Visit to know more about the features that news spy offers.

* If a minimum investment of 190 ETH is raised

Deployed Smart Contracts

XEG ERC-20 token


Engraved DAO


Ownership Registry


Integrity Registry